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Activities Carried out by PROSDOMA

On this page, you will find the some of activities that have been carried out by our NGO. The activities herein are accompanied by pictures. If you are deeply interested in getting more information about these activities, you can contact us for any required indepth information.
One of the objectives of PROSDOMA is to fight against illegal exploitation of the forest and to promote tree planting. 
Here we see the CEO of PROSDOMA on a visit to fight illegal forest exploitation in Kribi.
farm practices
Empowering farmers on sustainable farm practices. 
When farmers gain more knowledge on how to use sustainable farm practices we do this,so that the farmers improve on their yields.
Pepper is one of the crops that we produce. After crop cultivation,we dry this product using an oven as can be seen on this picture before supply.
Join us feed the hungry! Join us and share your experience in pepper cultivation, make your demand in advance if you need pepper as the current demand is high.
Team PROSDOMA ready for farm field visit in the municipallity of Ako Sub Division.This took place in the 2017 farming season where the team visited to assess ,evaluate and encourage members. Confidence Munko(Field Coordinator) leading the team.

Visit to Mr Kongnyu Paul's palm plantation farm district in Ako municipality.
This farm was consumed by fire. We visited to encourage and look for solutions to ameliorate the situation.

Mama here is a peasant farmer and  very  strong and active. She needs farm inputs and is here to add her name on the register. Let us meet their basic needs thus meeting Sustainable Development goals.

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