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PROSDOMA is registered in conformity with law No.90/053 of 19/12/1990, Ref No.152/E27/750/BAPP/PS


We work and collaborate with an amazing list of partners(Civil society, NGOs,Government and Councils) to create tangible positive impact on sectors ranging from sustainable food production and processing to landscapes. Restoration to sustainable waste management to regenerative agriculture and biodiversity conservation and combatting societal ills like illegal logging in the Mbembe forest reserve.


Our Goal

Our main goal is to establish and create an enabling environment for farming that support ecological balance , equitable food system and sustainable development.


Our Objectives are :

  • To ameliorate the living conditions of our members.
  • Ameliorate crop production and the value chains(Food production and processing).
  • Promote and encourage biodiversity conservation.
  • Empower farmers in modern techniques of farming.
  • Fight against illegal logging ,poaching and environmental terror.
  • Support and encourage the restoration of degraded landscapes(farms, water sources, forests etc) through tree planting and growing.
  • Implement and integrated development program for farmers in Donga-Mantung Division .
  • Validate actions that adapt and mitigate climate change.


meeting 2
Se Project coordinator and her team meeting farmers in small community groups on a sensitization campaign on Sustainable Development goals-SDGs
One of our local oil processing Mill at district palm farm at Ako municipality

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